Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Birthday

My Birthday was great the amount of people who was alright but I said “at least someone came”. The night before Shontal and Reina stayed over for the night to decorate my room. When they finished that we cleared everything out of my room. Once that we completed that they brang my bed in so we have something to sleep on. I woke up really early because I was so excited. I ran into the kitchen I’ve seen my mum standing at the bench making our food for the day. I asked her if we can pick up Gabby so we did. I arrived at her house and it looked like she just woke up so she quickly ran into the shower. I told her that we will be back to pick her up. A little while later we went back to Gabby’s house she was ready so we went back to my house. When I went in my room I noticed that everything was set up and already to go. I brang the food in and out a movie a movie on up on the projector. Hours and hours went by a of a sudden I went into my sisters room I looked out the window and I saw two boy walking up road. I yelled out “TAMATI KALIM” and I ran outside introduced them into my house. “I thought that they weren’t coming” as I said but they did I could hear Shontal screaming her head off. The boys felt like they were the odd one out. Later on that day we went to the shop near my house the boys waited on a hill while Me and the girls went to the shop we sat on the hill for quite a while. We all went back to my house and it was starting to get really really hot. Shontal was playing with the hose then a while later everyone besides Tamati had a sqwert (water fight). Once that was finished Shontal and Reina went to the shop again and got us some fish and chip and some lollies. The went by so fast later on we went to the Park near my house and we saw Judah his sister and Charm and his sister and Raven and Tyler. We stayed there for a very long time later on the day Charm and all the other people went back to Judah’s house and me and everyone else stayed there until it was very late. Then Shontal,Kalim and Tamati went home and Gabby and Reina stayed over for the night. It was a really cool day I can’t wait for next year on my birthday.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interzone Athletics

Wednesday some year 7 students went to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in the Interzone Athletics we arrived at the park I was filled with excitement. Mr J marshaled us to a place to sit we sat under a tree were the shade was. Later on the day the events started i waited and waited of my event to come I was in the relays and the 100m run and shot put. My first event was shot put and 100m run I had to go to the run first then go back to shot out in the 100m run I came 4th and Bobbi-Grace came 2nd. I was so relived to finished. Then I went to shot put I was waiting in line for my turn. I had butterflies in my stomach it was so nervracking. It was my turn I had to do a practice first and then the real thing. I got the furthest 7.44 but then I had to do it again I could hear Mr J cheering for me. I throw the shot put again and then I got 8.47. Later on we had to do the relays the junior girls had to go first and I was the first runner then Bobbi-grace and then Shontal and then Sharon. The gun went and I got a really big fright but I tried my hardest and I went past two girls I past the baton Bobbi-grace and she sprinted to Shontal and Shontal sprinted to Sharon and sharon was the last runner over all we came second. The boys had a really good run as well they came first overall. I had a really good day but I was really tired and I was relived that it was over.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Juinors Book Report Miss Spider's Tea Party

Miss Spider’s Tea Party is a great book for those younger children it is an awesome picture book as well. The book is about Miss Spider. She tried to set up a tea party but no one wanted to come. But at the end some insects ended up coming. Then Miss Spider was really happy. It is a really good book because it rhymes and it helps you with your counting. I think it will be a great book for the younger people to read.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surf life saving at Mairangi

On Friday the year 7s went to Miarangi Bay to learn about Surf life saving. We arrived at the beach it was very windy we sat down waiting for Rosie( the lifeguard ) to come down to get us. I felt really cold the wind came harder and harder we walk up some stairs we walked in to the club house we all sat down. There were three lifeguards standing in front of the room. They introduced their selves and told us was what we were doing that day. Later on that day we played some games first we played octopus and then we played captain coming. I was so tried when I got tired someone touched me and then I got out. A little while later we went back up to the club house and we got our lunch. I grab Jonty’s ball and grab a bunch of girls then we played touch a little while later the whistle went we all gathered around Ms M it was time for us to have a swim the girls got the tubes first and the boys got the boards we all ran into the water like we were fighting in a battle. A little while later we swooped over the girls got the boards and the boys got the tubes. All I did with the board was just relax and lay on it and drift away. We all had so get out of the water and walk up to where the hose was and get rinsed down. It was all most time to do back to school I got changed and every body lined up outside the bus waiting to go in. I had a really great time there it was awesome.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Jumping Spiders

Ms Tito put us into partners for a task to do about our topic. She gave us a paper it had alot of diffrent kind of insects. My partner was Damien we chosse to do the Jumping Spider. Here are some facts about the little critter.
The jumping spiders is called Puwerewere Hupeke in Maori. A spider has two body partsthe head and the abdomen. The Jumping Spider has 8 legs but no antennae. They live in the open country. When they fight they jump upon thier enamy and prey. Their preys are small insects and bugs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The netbooks have arrived

Room19 and 20 finaly got our new netbooks. But we had to set up the internet first because it wasn't set up. Once we got everything done we started to type about how we have been so far like our problems and how we fixed them. Having these new netbooks it has been amazing. We are only testing them out but it’s is going to be really great to have our own.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The netbooks have arrived

I was so amazed that the new netbooks have arrived. I was one of the netbooks technician that means we put the image on the computer. We had to do the first 100. The technician got called to meet at the E-learning center. We got told that the first 100 netbooks arrived. We had to go through all the instructions how to put the image on. A while later we got started I was really nervous once I finished my first one I was’nt really that nervous. I got started on my second one then I started to get the hang of it. A few minutes later some people started to come in looking at how much netbooks we have done so far. When I got another netbook I see less and less of netbooks there. At the end of the day there were 8 lift I manged to do 15 netbooks. It was cool I can’t wait until we really get them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Girls' Day Out at Sylvia Park

In the holidays Shontal, Julie, Reina and I decided to have a girls day out at Sylvia Park. We all met each other at the train station. While we were waiting for the train to come, the voice on the loud speaker explained to everyone that the train to Sylvia Park would be delayed. People were moaning because we were there for almost an hour. Later on that morning the girls and I were going to have a race. We got ready to race , I really wanted to win. But then the train was coming.

We entered the train. In front of me I noticed a group of people gathering. They were all standing because there were no seats. The train headed off. We turned to corner. While the train was turning Reina fall over. Julie, Shontal and I were laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.

We finally arrived at Sylvia Park. The girls and I were walking around in and out shops. I brought a jersey and a pair of jandals. It was 12:26 when we decided to go to the movies.

First we flicked through the movies to see what we should watch. We came across Despicable Me. Reina had not seen the movie. So we all agreed to watch it. Julie and Shontal brought our tickets. We were in the Xtreme -Screen at seats 30-33. Shontal and Julie brought us a packet of Skittles and Maltesers. A while later the movie started. When the movie finished we went into the arcade room.

We noticed a photo booth. So we quickly took a couple of photos. I saw a game called grab a toy. I won a brown fluffy teddy bear.

That day was very cool. The funniest part was when Reina fell over. I was just full of laughter.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Touch Rugby @ Dunkirk

Last week on Thursday the Year 7s Touch Rugby team went down to Dunkirk. We had to play 6 games. 
We won 5 and drew 1. Over all we came second out of the mixed teams .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awahou school welcome

Last week on Wednesday a school from Fielding called Awahou School came to Pt England. Shontal and Shaniah greeted them into our school with a karanga and the kapa haka group preformed for them. We also went around introducing ourselves to the children and teachers of Awahou school after that Room 20 took them for a tour around the school. When that was finished we went back to the hall for a little shared lunched and then the school had to go, so we gave them a big farewell and they headed off. I was really cool having another school coming to visit us I hope they can come back again.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Acknowleging photos from the web

We have been learning to share the love properly by linking pictures to the website they come from. If you click on the picture it will show you where this shot came from.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fia Fia Techtonic

Fia Fia is a modern and cultural performances. I was in the Techtonic group watch this movie to see what we did.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rippa Rugby

It is Saturday the 24th of June in the afternoon. We had Rippa Rugby. Their were butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous I was almost at school. I walked in to the gate near room 17 I see some year 7 boys playing ‘4 Square’ and year 6 boys playing handball. I walked around the school woundering if Etta is here. The office door opens and there was Etta standing right in front of me. We both walk into the Staff Room to get our T-shirts.

Tick tock, time go by. It was almost time for us to leave school and go to Eden Park , but we had to get everyone inside the staff room so we can talk about the rules. Once that was finished we all got our Tag belts on and also our tags. We were still at school but we had to challenge the year 6s . The year 7 and Pesi won against the year 6s.
Next we went back to the staff room at school and we got ready to go on the bus to go to Eden Park. When the bus stopped on the side of the road.

We had to get out of the bus. We all got together and started to walking. We got at Eden park we all had to get our bags checked I got through once everyone got through we found our guides men and he gave us our England T-shirts. Everyone walked down the stairs and found us a sit. Once we found our sits we all got ready to play. The year 5 and 6s played at the same time as the year 7s. We sat in front of the team we were playing against. Wesley Intermediate. They were Italy I look through there team and I found out that they didn’t have any girls.

It was almost our time to play. We all got ready and lined up it was very cold. We made our way to field 3 we warmed up. I felt a shiver down my spin because I was cold and nervous. Ms Va’fusuganga out all the boys on first but there wasn’t enough so Pesi and Myself went on. It was our ball. Zane taped the ball and then he pass it to Feki and he sliped. later on in the game it was Italy had the ball. This boy had a run away I was chasing after him but then Tamati ran in front of him and he pulled his tag off. Even later on in the game this other boy had a run away again I was chasing after him and I manged to pull his tag off and when I did that I sliped. The Final score was 2 all. Once the game was finished we took a team photo and Italy joined us and we all took a photo.

Later on that day it was time for the big game Auckland vs Wellington. At the end of that day Auckland WON!!!!!!!. I got a flag and a ball that represented Auckland.

What I Am Looking Forward To Next Term

I am looking forward to next term is getting our netbooks. It is going to be great. I am also looking forward to is Athletics I love Athletics as well as the Film Festival it is 1 day before my birthday. Term 4 is going to be very cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Efective paragraph practices about Fleas

Fleas are annoying pests. They jump around and BIT BIT BIT until it gets in to yFleas are annoying pests. They jump around and BIT BIT BIT until it gets in to your skin and then drink your blood. Once they do that you will scratch crazy.our skin and then drink your blood. Once they do that you will scratch crazy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Dioramas

Today we did a diorama about a significant part of Jesse Martin. I choose to do his home coming. We used a big piece of cardboard and a craft knife. First I drew the boat on the computer and I printed it off. I also typed out a blurb so tell why we did this diorama. Once that was finished Ms T grab some coloured paper and used it as a background for my blurb. I got a big piece of cardboard and measured it out then I used the craft knife to cut it. But sadly when I finished cutting we had to pack but don’t worry I will show you my finished product.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Paraghraph Practice About Our Desk

My desk it is very clean and grey. It holds evrey thing I need for school. It slides out from the bottom. It is very new to me and I have never seen one of these desks before. It comes as many diffrent shape and colours.

Morning Mihi

Every morning we do a routine. Firstly we do a Karakia then we all sit down for some one to do their mihi. Once they are finished we all stand up to pay respect and tautoko ( support ) the person that spoke. followed by a waiata(song) or Himene (hymn).

Here is my mihi.

Ka tangi te titi
Ka tangi te kaka
Ka tangi hoki ahau
Tiheiwa mauriora
He mihi whanui tenei kai tatou katoa
Kia koe te rangatira e__________(their name who have started the karakia)
Tenei koe mo to mahi whakamoemiti ki to tatou matou i te rangi
Kia ora kotau
kua hui mai nei
ki tenei kura
I nga whakaaro pai ka nui te koa
mo to kotau kaingakau
ki te haere mai ke te ako i nga mahi
E pa ana ki tenei wananga
No reira tena katou,tena katou,tena ra tatou katoa.

Monday, August 23, 2010

10 facts About Jessica Watson

Fact1:The name of her boat is Ella's Pink Lady.
Fact2:It took her 8 months for her to prepare.
Fact3:It took her 210 days to complete her journey.
Fact4:She is only worried if people worry about her.
Fact5:Her biggest sponsor's is Ella's.
Fact6:She calls her kitchen a Galley.
Fact7:She will properly spend more time at the chart table.
Fact8:She doesn't canister herself as a hero just a normal girl achieving her goal.
Fact9:She set foot in Sydney in a very long time.
Fact10:She had 4 knockdowns.
There are 10 facts about Jessica Watson.

Jesse Martin Taking On The Globe

You maybe thinking Who is Jesse Martin? well he is now a 29 year old legend.He is a legend because in 1999 he was the youngest person to sail round the globe unassisted and nonstop.He has been through rough times.He had 5 knockdowns in a night but a lot more knockdowns in his journey.It took him 328 days to complete his Journey.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Our class did a paragraph practice on Sponge Bob Square Pants here is what I wrote.
Sponge Bob Square Pants is a T.V show.It is about a yellow square sponge.He lives in a pineapple under the sea.He has a starfish friend.He works at the Crusty Crab as a fry cook.His pet snail is named Gary and all it says is Meooooowwwww!

Thank You

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers that have help with netball.Here is some girls from the Acese and Crew 2 and that like to say thank you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My favourite Movies are...

My favuorite movies are Sydney White starring Amanda Bynes and most of the dancing movies. Like all the Step Up Movies and Street Dance. I like these movies mostly because like to dance and because Sydney White is a twist to Snow White But Diffrent.

Our Boardgame Friut island

Gabrielle, Ocean, Mui and myself have beencreating a board game using one of the Multiple intelligences. We used Visual/spatial which is Art smart. It was based on a story about fruit called 'Fruit Island'. We started off with drawing our plan which I did and Mui drew our plan onto cardboard. Once that was finished Gabrielle, Ocean and myself helped to colour it in. Then Mui came up with a great idea to put blue vivid on the outsides to make it stand out. I created the little objects to move like a counter. We had a creative way to design the a dice it was like a twister board but with numbers and an arrow in the middle so it can point at a number. Mui then wrote the instructions down in a cardboard cut out. maybe you would want to play it. After everything was done we tested it out.Here is some pictures of what it looks like.

My Passion For Music

I have a Passion for Music. I like any kind for Music but my favourite type of music is Rock and R&B.

My family also has a passion for music my mum sings and my dad plays the guitars and also my oldest brother.My sister loves music she sing to it a lot to the songs.My baby brothers like to song as well.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Immersion Assemblies

An Immersion Assembly is when all of our teachers dress up to support our new topic for the term. We have an Immersion Assembly the first day of every term.

The most memorable Immersion Assembly for me was ‘Dino Might’. It was spectacular because all of the teachers costumes were very creative. I think the best dressed teacher was Miss Lavakula because she was a paleontologist and she was looking for fossils .

My favorite Immersion Assembly was ‘Get In Behind’ because Mr Burt used a tractor to make himself look like a farmer and also cardboard cutouts of sheep behind the truck to make it look like a farm. It is was very funny.

The next topic I would like to learn about is illnesses and medication. I really cant wait until the next Immersion Assembly because they are fun.

My Mum

My mum is one of a kind. She is supportive and also helpful. My mum has many different jobs besides being a mother to 6 children. She used to work as a smokefree coach and also a HPV health promoter. Her job now is to raise cervical cancer awareness.

My mum is multi talented. She is a weaver and she creates baskets,flowers actually different kind of flowers and also bags and mats with harakeke (flax). She has showed our family so when she needs help with her raranga classes asked our family.

I love my mum,she is the best. I am so lucky to have a kind and caring mum.

My Home Town

My Home Town is Te Puke, Maketu down Tauranga.That is where the big kiwi fruit is and also where Mt Maunganui is.My dad comes from there and also my koro (grandfather).

Our marae is on the coast line of Maketu beach. My marae is called Whakaue.

Maketu is famous for its pies and it surf club aswell as there fresh fish and chips.

Activities with Mr Ballin

This term our class has been going to Tamaki Collage for some games ans challenges with Mr Ballin every Friday.

Last week we did a games to start off with.We played Blob it is when you have to pick a panther hold hands.Then people have to run around and the people that are in they have to tag all the other people.

Once that was finish we did a challenge our panthers had to do face to face but across the gym one person on the other side of the gym and the other one had to go across the other side of the gym.We had to make a leader and then we had to run in between each other.But there was a twist if we put both of our feet in between two people then we have to start again.

When that challenge was finished we went to the back of the gym and then over to the school meare by the deck.Then Mr Ballin came us instructions for another challenge.There are two chairs in the middle of the grass and we had a platform.The challenge was for our whole class to get over to the other side of the chairs that is in the middle of the grass.But there was another twist.The platform that we had it wasn’t allowed to touch the grass or the chairs that were on the grass.We all talk about what we were going to get our class to the other side of the chairs.

Our plan was to hang the platform off the side of the and have some people hold the end of the platform.Then people walk over and jump off the end of it to the other side.We all did the same thing then most of our class got over but then Raven was the last person to come it wasn’t easy for him because the other people had to hold the platform for him but then we weren’t finished we had to bring the platform over to the side that we were at.When we did that we all celebrated with cheering and laughter.

We all had fun and we were all talking about how we could improve it and how awsome it was completing it.I myself had fun I love going down to Tamaki Collage it is fun.

Here is a little movie about what we did at Tamaki Collage with Mr Ballin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jarryd Letto

Jarryd Letto is one of my favorite singers and acters he is very good at both of them.I have noticed him from the movie Urban Legends.Also he is the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars.He is a multi Talented person and is great at both of them aswell.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Best Friend

Gabby and I have been friends for a very long time and Both of us would like it to stay like that.
We have been throught rought times and goods times but we are still friends.Thats why I like my friend Gabby very much we are good togther.
My friend is Gabrielle,she is really great and funny at times I like my best friend she is the best.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

30 seconds to mars is a rock band.
They hold the record for being the most expensive music video it was 19 million dollars.
My favorite song that they had recently put out is closer to the edge.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My favorite singer.

My favourite singer is Haley Williams because of her talent and the songs she sings, she sings with her band called Paramore. My favourite songs that they sing is careful. Another thing I like about Haley Williams is that her hair has so many funky colors in it, like red, orange, blond, yellow. I think every thing about her is cool.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Being the Champs

It was the last week of term 2 and it is on Tuseday our team aces is getting ready for our netball game we got to the courts and started to warm up.
We were playing agiants Holly Cross agian because this was our first game in the championship.
I felt nervuos because we won agiants them in our gradings games and they might have in proved.
It was the time to play the game it was my ball so that means I had to play it.
I threw the bal later on the game we were wining on the first quater and the second and the third and the last quater Mrs Nua told us not to let them get a goal we tryed so hard but they only got three goals in that quater at the end of the game the score was 21-8 to us.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Netball update

The Tunderbirds and Swifts have a place in the four play offs and so dose Steel and Magic can do the same if they win last games.
The latest games are Southern Steel vs NSW Swifts and Magic vs Thunderbirds and Freebirds vs Fever for the final round.

Magic vs Pulse

The fight is on for the final four, Magic and Pulse had a really good game it look really tough and the last team they need in there way was Central Pulse.But after three losing games New Zealand big hope.The pulse was a head 1 goal in the first quarter, near half time it look like Magic got the break they they were up a six goal lead.The Pulse grew in confidence Pulse was 2 behind the final score was 58-52 to Magic.

Our First Game

I am in a club named Lorenz it is a netball we had our first netball game.I was so existed when I heard that we had a game.

Our games have been really great I have found out that we have won two games so that means that we are on year 7 flight 2 .
The first game our score is 7 nil and that was really awesome game .
Our next game they were really hard we played Santic Maria it was a really tough game but we came on top the score was 7 - 8 and we won by one .
I was so proud of the team and how they played on the day .
The next week we had a real game we playing aginst sunnyhill J3 we tried our hardest and fought for the ball the attacking was really good and the defending was also great .
As we started the game, it was our teams ball and I was center the pressure was on me for the awesome center pass support were cheering us on and the other people just handing around .
I threw the ball and one person from our team cought the ball making it really cool for me as our team got a goal.
At the end of the game we all had our heads down because we have lost our game the score was 9-1 to the other team but we stilled carried on. We watched other people play there games and the day went on with a happy ending.

Player of the day

This year I have been the player of the day four times, twice for the school netball team and twice for the club Lorenz.I was the first person to get the trophy in our age group team J1 for the club. I played Center and our team coach said that I played really great around the circle and I had really great passes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mt Taranaki Legend DLO

This term we are learning about Active Earth. 

We looked at a movie and it was about Mt Taranaki.  Our class had to retell the legend any way we wanted to.

I had a group full of girls, they were Gabby, Etta, Ocean and myself.  We worked really well and we completed it on time. 

We used green screen with puppets but the green screening didn't work out right.  We still finished it on time and we learnt that next time we wont use green screen.

I'm proud of my group and our mark, it was 17 out of 25.  I learnt from my mistakes and for the next DLO it will be better than this one!

Here is our assessment rubric for the Mt Taranaki DLO

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beauty And Jack

As the news reporter records live, we have been told that some serious accident has just happend a princess has been poked in the eye by an amazing beast. For more information check out our exclusive interview.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KPE Episode 251

Kia Ora we are the year first year 7 to publish our podcast .Our goal for podcasting is to publish 2 every Term.
Have a look and see if you like to order this book to find out what happens at the end.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A future Fern

Hi my name is April,my favourite silver fern player is Temapara Gorege because she is one of the smallest players and I am small aswell thats why she is my idol. I have seen her before at the pakuranga courts for our netball prize giving and we took a picture with her it was really cool.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Great start of the year

On the 2nd of February we started school I couldn't wait to find out what class would be and who are my class mate were when I arrived at school, full of excitement and jumping just like a kangaroo - but not with a joey.

I am in Room 19 finding out who in my class and what were doing on the day. Once we found out where we sat we got to know Ms Tito and what she expects us to do and how to behave. It was just about morning tea time and Ms Tito taught us how to play a couple of games.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010