Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our First Game

I am in a club named Lorenz it is a netball we had our first netball game.I was so existed when I heard that we had a game.

Our games have been really great I have found out that we have won two games so that means that we are on year 7 flight 2 .
The first game our score is 7 nil and that was really awesome game .
Our next game they were really hard we played Santic Maria it was a really tough game but we came on top the score was 7 - 8 and we won by one .
I was so proud of the team and how they played on the day .
The next week we had a real game we playing aginst sunnyhill J3 we tried our hardest and fought for the ball the attacking was really good and the defending was also great .
As we started the game, it was our teams ball and I was center the pressure was on me for the awesome center pass support were cheering us on and the other people just handing around .
I threw the ball and one person from our team cought the ball making it really cool for me as our team got a goal.
At the end of the game we all had our heads down because we have lost our game the score was 9-1 to the other team but we stilled carried on. We watched other people play there games and the day went on with a happy ending.

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