Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Birthday

My Birthday was great the amount of people who was alright but I said “at least someone came”. The night before Shontal and Reina stayed over for the night to decorate my room. When they finished that we cleared everything out of my room. Once that we completed that they brang my bed in so we have something to sleep on. I woke up really early because I was so excited. I ran into the kitchen I’ve seen my mum standing at the bench making our food for the day. I asked her if we can pick up Gabby so we did. I arrived at her house and it looked like she just woke up so she quickly ran into the shower. I told her that we will be back to pick her up. A little while later we went back to Gabby’s house she was ready so we went back to my house. When I went in my room I noticed that everything was set up and already to go. I brang the food in and out a movie a movie on up on the projector. Hours and hours went by a of a sudden I went into my sisters room I looked out the window and I saw two boy walking up road. I yelled out “TAMATI KALIM” and I ran outside introduced them into my house. “I thought that they weren’t coming” as I said but they did I could hear Shontal screaming her head off. The boys felt like they were the odd one out. Later on that day we went to the shop near my house the boys waited on a hill while Me and the girls went to the shop we sat on the hill for quite a while. We all went back to my house and it was starting to get really really hot. Shontal was playing with the hose then a while later everyone besides Tamati had a sqwert (water fight). Once that was finished Shontal and Reina went to the shop again and got us some fish and chip and some lollies. The went by so fast later on we went to the Park near my house and we saw Judah his sister and Charm and his sister and Raven and Tyler. We stayed there for a very long time later on the day Charm and all the other people went back to Judah’s house and me and everyone else stayed there until it was very late. Then Shontal,Kalim and Tamati went home and Gabby and Reina stayed over for the night. It was a really cool day I can’t wait for next year on my birthday.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interzone Athletics

Wednesday some year 7 students went to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in the Interzone Athletics we arrived at the park I was filled with excitement. Mr J marshaled us to a place to sit we sat under a tree were the shade was. Later on the day the events started i waited and waited of my event to come I was in the relays and the 100m run and shot put. My first event was shot put and 100m run I had to go to the run first then go back to shot out in the 100m run I came 4th and Bobbi-Grace came 2nd. I was so relived to finished. Then I went to shot put I was waiting in line for my turn. I had butterflies in my stomach it was so nervracking. It was my turn I had to do a practice first and then the real thing. I got the furthest 7.44 but then I had to do it again I could hear Mr J cheering for me. I throw the shot put again and then I got 8.47. Later on we had to do the relays the junior girls had to go first and I was the first runner then Bobbi-grace and then Shontal and then Sharon. The gun went and I got a really big fright but I tried my hardest and I went past two girls I past the baton Bobbi-grace and she sprinted to Shontal and Shontal sprinted to Sharon and sharon was the last runner over all we came second. The boys had a really good run as well they came first overall. I had a really good day but I was really tired and I was relived that it was over.