Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rippa Rugby

It is Saturday the 24th of June in the afternoon. We had Rippa Rugby. Their were butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous I was almost at school. I walked in to the gate near room 17 I see some year 7 boys playing ‘4 Square’ and year 6 boys playing handball. I walked around the school woundering if Etta is here. The office door opens and there was Etta standing right in front of me. We both walk into the Staff Room to get our T-shirts.

Tick tock, time go by. It was almost time for us to leave school and go to Eden Park , but we had to get everyone inside the staff room so we can talk about the rules. Once that was finished we all got our Tag belts on and also our tags. We were still at school but we had to challenge the year 6s . The year 7 and Pesi won against the year 6s.
Next we went back to the staff room at school and we got ready to go on the bus to go to Eden Park. When the bus stopped on the side of the road.

We had to get out of the bus. We all got together and started to walking. We got at Eden park we all had to get our bags checked I got through once everyone got through we found our guides men and he gave us our England T-shirts. Everyone walked down the stairs and found us a sit. Once we found our sits we all got ready to play. The year 5 and 6s played at the same time as the year 7s. We sat in front of the team we were playing against. Wesley Intermediate. They were Italy I look through there team and I found out that they didn’t have any girls.

It was almost our time to play. We all got ready and lined up it was very cold. We made our way to field 3 we warmed up. I felt a shiver down my spin because I was cold and nervous. Ms Va’fusuganga out all the boys on first but there wasn’t enough so Pesi and Myself went on. It was our ball. Zane taped the ball and then he pass it to Feki and he sliped. later on in the game it was Italy had the ball. This boy had a run away I was chasing after him but then Tamati ran in front of him and he pulled his tag off. Even later on in the game this other boy had a run away again I was chasing after him and I manged to pull his tag off and when I did that I sliped. The Final score was 2 all. Once the game was finished we took a team photo and Italy joined us and we all took a photo.

Later on that day it was time for the big game Auckland vs Wellington. At the end of that day Auckland WON!!!!!!!. I got a flag and a ball that represented Auckland.

What I Am Looking Forward To Next Term

I am looking forward to next term is getting our netbooks. It is going to be great. I am also looking forward to is Athletics I love Athletics as well as the Film Festival it is 1 day before my birthday. Term 4 is going to be very cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Efective paragraph practices about Fleas

Fleas are annoying pests. They jump around and BIT BIT BIT until it gets in to yFleas are annoying pests. They jump around and BIT BIT BIT until it gets in to your skin and then drink your blood. Once they do that you will scratch crazy.our skin and then drink your blood. Once they do that you will scratch crazy.