Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Netball update

The Tunderbirds and Swifts have a place in the four play offs and so dose Steel and Magic can do the same if they win last games.
The latest games are Southern Steel vs NSW Swifts and Magic vs Thunderbirds and Freebirds vs Fever for the final round.

Magic vs Pulse

The fight is on for the final four, Magic and Pulse had a really good game it look really tough and the last team they need in there way was Central Pulse.But after three losing games New Zealand big hope.The pulse was a head 1 goal in the first quarter, near half time it look like Magic got the break they they were up a six goal lead.The Pulse grew in confidence Pulse was 2 behind the final score was 58-52 to Magic.

Our First Game

I am in a club named Lorenz it is a netball we had our first netball game.I was so existed when I heard that we had a game.

Our games have been really great I have found out that we have won two games so that means that we are on year 7 flight 2 .
The first game our score is 7 nil and that was really awesome game .
Our next game they were really hard we played Santic Maria it was a really tough game but we came on top the score was 7 - 8 and we won by one .
I was so proud of the team and how they played on the day .
The next week we had a real game we playing aginst sunnyhill J3 we tried our hardest and fought for the ball the attacking was really good and the defending was also great .
As we started the game, it was our teams ball and I was center the pressure was on me for the awesome center pass support were cheering us on and the other people just handing around .
I threw the ball and one person from our team cought the ball making it really cool for me as our team got a goal.
At the end of the game we all had our heads down because we have lost our game the score was 9-1 to the other team but we stilled carried on. We watched other people play there games and the day went on with a happy ending.

Player of the day

This year I have been the player of the day four times, twice for the school netball team and twice for the club Lorenz.I was the first person to get the trophy in our age group team J1 for the club. I played Center and our team coach said that I played really great around the circle and I had really great passes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mt Taranaki Legend DLO

This term we are learning about Active Earth. 

We looked at a movie and it was about Mt Taranaki.  Our class had to retell the legend any way we wanted to.

I had a group full of girls, they were Gabby, Etta, Ocean and myself.  We worked really well and we completed it on time. 

We used green screen with puppets but the green screening didn't work out right.  We still finished it on time and we learnt that next time we wont use green screen.

I'm proud of my group and our mark, it was 17 out of 25.  I learnt from my mistakes and for the next DLO it will be better than this one!

Here is our assessment rubric for the Mt Taranaki DLO