Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Challenging Run

Running a 3.5 km run, I was wondering when it was going to end. Running past Ms Tito she said “ you have a third to go “ , I was hoping it was almost finish.

While I was running I came across some really sharp turns. As I was running the sharp turns I slipped twice.
As I was running though the bush there were really huge and deep. So it was really hard to run.

When I was running through the Pt England Reserve there were lots of muddy patches. It was really hard to run through the muddy parts. It is hard to get out of and sometimes you get suck in them.

When I was approaching the finish line, I was huffing and puffing all the way I ran past Mrs Lagitupu and I ran through the gap and ran towards Mrs Nua with the microphone in her jacket. Saying and coming to the finish line in second place for the year 8 girls is April.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Where is the world ?

This is the Cameroon Flag.

This is the Cameroon Flag.

Cameroon is in the West Of Africa just next to The Atlantic Ocean.

The capital city of Cameroon is Yaoundé.

The Population of the country is 18,897,957.

Cameroon is a nation obsessed with soccer and soccer is regarded as a national religion, a national pride uniting this central west african nation along as one.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

We are using the nations of the 2011 Rugby World Cup as our inquiry path.

For this unit we are in one of four teams:
Brumbies, Force, Rebels, Stormers.
My team is The Rebels
There will be a number of tasks for us to navigate to achieve our goal of an excellent result in this unit. There are a mixture of individual and team tasks to be completed. The main task that will show our learning in this unit will be a Hyperstudio presentation about one of the countries in the World Cup competition.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where The Heck Is... Takapuna ?


The Rebels
Your prediction of what nation will win the 2011 World Cup. The All Blacks

Task One – “Where The Heck Is Takapuna ?”
Takapuna , is in North Shore near Devonport. It is

The special thing about Takapuna is their Beer Garden. It is a very old and has been in Takapuna for a very long time.
The History of Takapuna : In the early 1900’s there were a very interesting history about the beach cafe.


For the Rugby World Cup I think that the All Blacks are going to win this time. Because they have been training really hard for this moment and the Rugby World Cup is in New Zealand the All Blacks home town. So I really hope that the All Blacks are going to win this year.