Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interzone Athletics

Wednesday some year 7 students went to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in the Interzone Athletics we arrived at the park I was filled with excitement. Mr J marshaled us to a place to sit we sat under a tree were the shade was. Later on the day the events started i waited and waited of my event to come I was in the relays and the 100m run and shot put. My first event was shot put and 100m run I had to go to the run first then go back to shot out in the 100m run I came 4th and Bobbi-Grace came 2nd. I was so relived to finished. Then I went to shot put I was waiting in line for my turn. I had butterflies in my stomach it was so nervracking. It was my turn I had to do a practice first and then the real thing. I got the furthest 7.44 but then I had to do it again I could hear Mr J cheering for me. I throw the shot put again and then I got 8.47. Later on we had to do the relays the junior girls had to go first and I was the first runner then Bobbi-grace and then Shontal and then Sharon. The gun went and I got a really big fright but I tried my hardest and I went past two girls I past the baton Bobbi-grace and she sprinted to Shontal and Shontal sprinted to Sharon and sharon was the last runner over all we came second. The boys had a really good run as well they came first overall. I had a really good day but I was really tired and I was relived that it was over.

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