Friday, August 13, 2010

Immersion Assemblies

An Immersion Assembly is when all of our teachers dress up to support our new topic for the term. We have an Immersion Assembly the first day of every term.

The most memorable Immersion Assembly for me was ‘Dino Might’. It was spectacular because all of the teachers costumes were very creative. I think the best dressed teacher was Miss Lavakula because she was a paleontologist and she was looking for fossils .

My favorite Immersion Assembly was ‘Get In Behind’ because Mr Burt used a tractor to make himself look like a farmer and also cardboard cutouts of sheep behind the truck to make it look like a farm. It is was very funny.

The next topic I would like to learn about is illnesses and medication. I really cant wait until the next Immersion Assembly because they are fun.

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