Friday, August 13, 2010

Activities with Mr Ballin

This term our class has been going to Tamaki Collage for some games ans challenges with Mr Ballin every Friday.

Last week we did a games to start off with.We played Blob it is when you have to pick a panther hold hands.Then people have to run around and the people that are in they have to tag all the other people.

Once that was finish we did a challenge our panthers had to do face to face but across the gym one person on the other side of the gym and the other one had to go across the other side of the gym.We had to make a leader and then we had to run in between each other.But there was a twist if we put both of our feet in between two people then we have to start again.

When that challenge was finished we went to the back of the gym and then over to the school meare by the deck.Then Mr Ballin came us instructions for another challenge.There are two chairs in the middle of the grass and we had a platform.The challenge was for our whole class to get over to the other side of the chairs that is in the middle of the grass.But there was another twist.The platform that we had it wasn’t allowed to touch the grass or the chairs that were on the grass.We all talk about what we were going to get our class to the other side of the chairs.

Our plan was to hang the platform off the side of the and have some people hold the end of the platform.Then people walk over and jump off the end of it to the other side.We all did the same thing then most of our class got over but then Raven was the last person to come it wasn’t easy for him because the other people had to hold the platform for him but then we weren’t finished we had to bring the platform over to the side that we were at.When we did that we all celebrated with cheering and laughter.

We all had fun and we were all talking about how we could improve it and how awsome it was completing it.I myself had fun I love going down to Tamaki Collage it is fun.

Here is a little movie about what we did at Tamaki Collage with Mr Ballin.

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