Monday, November 8, 2010

The Girls' Day Out at Sylvia Park

In the holidays Shontal, Julie, Reina and I decided to have a girls day out at Sylvia Park. We all met each other at the train station. While we were waiting for the train to come, the voice on the loud speaker explained to everyone that the train to Sylvia Park would be delayed. People were moaning because we were there for almost an hour. Later on that morning the girls and I were going to have a race. We got ready to race , I really wanted to win. But then the train was coming.

We entered the train. In front of me I noticed a group of people gathering. They were all standing because there were no seats. The train headed off. We turned to corner. While the train was turning Reina fall over. Julie, Shontal and I were laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.

We finally arrived at Sylvia Park. The girls and I were walking around in and out shops. I brought a jersey and a pair of jandals. It was 12:26 when we decided to go to the movies.

First we flicked through the movies to see what we should watch. We came across Despicable Me. Reina had not seen the movie. So we all agreed to watch it. Julie and Shontal brought our tickets. We were in the Xtreme -Screen at seats 30-33. Shontal and Julie brought us a packet of Skittles and Maltesers. A while later the movie started. When the movie finished we went into the arcade room.

We noticed a photo booth. So we quickly took a couple of photos. I saw a game called grab a toy. I won a brown fluffy teddy bear.

That day was very cool. The funniest part was when Reina fell over. I was just full of laughter.


  1. Hi April,
    I enjoyed reading your recount about a "Girls Day Out". Your ideas were in order and it was great to hear that you all had fun. Your blog looks amazing by the way. Keep up the great work!

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Heyy April Thanks for writing I triped over that was very kind of you. Nahh gr8t work my Kuzie I had enjoyed reading this Girls Day Out post it creative and a bit common with what I had Wrote.
    Keep it up



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