Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surf life saving at Mairangi

On Friday the year 7s went to Miarangi Bay to learn about Surf life saving. We arrived at the beach it was very windy we sat down waiting for Rosie( the lifeguard ) to come down to get us. I felt really cold the wind came harder and harder we walk up some stairs we walked in to the club house we all sat down. There were three lifeguards standing in front of the room. They introduced their selves and told us was what we were doing that day. Later on that day we played some games first we played octopus and then we played captain coming. I was so tried when I got tired someone touched me and then I got out. A little while later we went back up to the club house and we got our lunch. I grab Jonty’s ball and grab a bunch of girls then we played touch a little while later the whistle went we all gathered around Ms M it was time for us to have a swim the girls got the tubes first and the boys got the boards we all ran into the water like we were fighting in a battle. A little while later we swooped over the girls got the boards and the boys got the tubes. All I did with the board was just relax and lay on it and drift away. We all had so get out of the water and walk up to where the hose was and get rinsed down. It was all most time to do back to school I got changed and every body lined up outside the bus waiting to go in. I had a really great time there it was awesome.

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