Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mouse Holder Challenge

We were given a challenge to make a box that could hold Mr Harris’s mouse it had to be bigger enough for his mouse it also had to open and close it with no glue to hold it together . We could choose to work as a team or by yourself. I decided to work as a pair with Reina. We were looking on the Internet to find some ideas to come up with for our box.

I remembered that Reina could make a really good box with a top and a bottom. We made a prototype to see if it could work. Then it worked out really well , so we made the box out of cardboard. We had to make the box so it could fit Mr Harris’s mouse. Once we did that we tested out the top of the box it was not tight enough so Reina did some miner adjustments.

I was not confident if was not going to work. So it tested it some more times. Finlay I was confident that it was going to work.

So Reina gave the box with the mouse in it Mr Harri’s raised his arm and then he drooped the box. It was a successes. I was filled with relief.

That challenge was awesome and I hope we could do it again.

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