Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking back and Looking forward.....

Term 1:
Last term was so cool. I was excited because it was a new year. Last term we had lots of new things, what we had to learn was awesome.

We had more classes in technology like Science and Electronics. At the moment I have been in both of the new classes and so far I find it really interesting.

We also have Taonga time, that is when we go to the other classes in the intermediate school and do some fun things. I was designing tiles with Mrs Nua. But sadly we did’nt finish. We went on trips in the local neighbourhood to look for some inspirations, the experience was great.

Last term we also had a softball tournament, the girls came 5th. That was my first time playing softball but we did well for our second time in the competition. The player of the day was Etta, she was a really good backstop and supporter.

Term 2:
This term we are learning about designing or making things Bigger , Better , Stronger, Faster. The topic is interesting so far. We have been going through the design processes of how to create a proper sign.

We have been practicing for the netball season , and this week we had our first grading game. The team I am in is Team 1, they had won their game and I was the player of the day for my team. The other Year 8 team, Team 2, won their game too and Ocean was the player of the day. I play a lot of netball this term as well. I really enjoy this sport!

I can’t wait for the rest of the term and know that there will be a lot of awesome things and a lot more fun.


  1. Hey April,
    Thanks for talking about me in your story.
    I liked it . It was really interesting. I cant wait for the rest of the term as well.

    Keep the good work up.
    Love Etta

  2. Hey April, sounds like your having a busy time learning and playing sport, lots of fun by the looks of it. Keep up you blogging and hope the term continues to go well.
    from Matua Wyllis


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