Thursday, March 17, 2011

My thoughts about camp...

Camp is coming up, and I am so excited YEAH!!!!!!. The name of camp is ‘Camp Taking charge’. I recently found out that I am a camp leader and also who is in my group. I am in Responsibilez.

After that, Mrs Nua gave us a Challenge, that was coming up with a chant for our group.5 minutes later it was time to tell everyone what we came up with. it was our turn we had nothing to sing so on the spot we just said anything and it turned out alright.

Later on Mr Barks gave all of us a challenge we had to get all our team to the other side of the room using 3 separate chairs and one mat and a 4 seater chairs. Sadly we did’nt complete it but we made it to the other side but not back. I am so pumped I really can’t wait until the day comes for the first day of camp. ARRRRHHH!!!!!!


  1. Hey April

    That would of been great to be a leader of a whole group. What was one of your favoutrite things at camp? Also what was your favourite activity at Rock Up?


  2. Hi April
    I really liked your story.I wonder how you felt when you went camp.That was a cool story.
    From Anamei


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